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Asparagus UC157 Farmer's Favorite (6)

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Asparagus UC157 Farmer's Favorite (Packaged 6 crowns)

Developed at UC Riverside. It is a Hybrid of M120 & F109. Known for very high yield, a useful variety that is suitable to grow in warmer areas with mild winters. Smooth green spears, tight-tipped, non-stringy. The plant has tall feathery, graceful stems.

Plants may take up to 2-3 years to come to full production but can bear for 15-20 years. Disease resistant. Open Pollinated.

Harvest March to June. 

Height: 48 inches Depth:

Prepare a trench 8 inches deep.

Spread crowns over the soil and cover them with 2 inches of soil.

Gradually fill the trench with soil as the plants grow. (if your soil is clay or heavy, you may want to add compost). 

  • Spacing: Set crowns 12 - 18 inches apart. Spread 18 inches
  • Yield: Heavy Yields
  • Form: Perennial
  • Soil Requirements: Well-drained, fertile soil. 
  • Pruning: After harvest, asparagus must be completely dormant before mowing. Mow late Winter or early Spring.