Prairie Blossom

Begonia 'Amstel Clara Rieger'

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They are most commonly grown as indoor plants where they enjoy bright but indirect light. Continuously Reblooming!

Reiger Begonias have fleshy, heart-shaped, green foliage above which grow spectacular, richly colored flowers on brittle stems. They are one of Europe's hottest flowering pot plants with an extremely long bloom period. Indoors they prefer a bright but somewhat filtered light source. It is important that they stay moist but not soggy. They will thrive outdoors in the summer as a shade lover. Plant in rich soil, fertilize occasionally and keep from the frost.

  • Light: Part Sun - Shade
  • Fertilize: Slow-release once monthly
  • Role: Filler
  • Height: 12-18 inches
  • Space: 12-15 inches