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Rosa Grandiflora Dick Clark Rose

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Rosa Grandiflora Dick Clark Rose

A rose with cream blushing red blooms. The blooms are large and full with 30-35 petals per bloom with a strong spicy rose scent. The plant is medium-sized and will spread slightly with deep green leaves. 

Black-red buds spiral open to show off swirls of cream edged & washed with vibrant cherry pink. But that's not the end of the exhibit on these classically-formed fragrant flowers. When the sun strikes the petals, they begin to blush burgundy, finishing as a deep dark red. Put all this color against super-shiny-green foliage with nice long cutting stems and you've got a killer combo. Easy to grow & great vigor. Largest flower size in cooler temps.

  • Class: Grandiflora
  • Plant Habit: Medium-tall
  • Growth Habit: Broadly rounded, bushy
  • Plant Height: 5 feet to 5½ feet
  • Plant Width: 3 feet to 4 feet
  • Stem Length: Long
  • Foliage Color: Glossy deep green
  • Flower Color: Creamy white with a cherry picotee, blushing to all burgundy
  • Bud Form: Very long, pointed & elegant
  • Flower Size: Around 30
  • Flower Form: Double, classically-formed
  • Petal Count: 25 to 30