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Get an early start on planting, or extend your growing season with the EarthBox® Frost Cover! Made with commercial-grade fabric, it protects plants when temperatures dip down to 26° F. The frost cover allows airflow and UV rays to your plants, while keeping pests out. Measuring 72" H x 55" W x 12" D, there is a convenient drawstring and cord lock at the bottom of the cover to securely protect the plants in your EarthBox.

The EarthBox® Frost Cover is specially designed to fit over the EarthBox® Staking System, but it's also safe to rest on top of your plants that do not use the staking system. Available in an attractive sage green, the frost cover blends in nicely with the foliage in your backyard. Use the cover for several days at a time, or as needed. With proper care and storage, you can reuse this cover year after year.