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Rosa Climber 'Fourth of July' Climbing Rose

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'Fourth of July' Climbing Rose 

Rosa 'WEKroalt' PP11518

An explosion of deep velvety red striped with bright white flowers bloom in the summer. Very fragrant and has a large growth habit for a climber, growing 8 to 10 feet tall and 6 feet wide. Perfect for pergolas and trellises. Repeats all summer, with big, beautiful blooms and great fragrance!

You may not see fireworks, but you'll love the explosion of color displayed in Fourth of July, an All-America Rose Selections Award winner and popular favorite! This fragrant, repeat-bloomer is considered one of the best Roses introduced in the last few decades!

The child of 'Roller Coaster' x 'Altissimo,' Fourth of July was the result of three years of formal trials, an unusually long period generally reserved for special cultivars. The time proved well worth it when it won an AARS Award in its debut year, the first climber to win such an honor in a quarter-century.

With clusters of bright white, semi-double flowers accented by deep red stripes, Fourth of July may be closer than any other Rose of resembling an American Flag! Featuring between 10 and 16 velvety petals, the 4½-inch blooms contain an intoxicating fragrance, fittingly much like that of freshly baked, homemade apple pie. Especially vigorous early in the season, they repeat throughout the entire summer. The re-blooming begins the first year!

No matter your region of the country--North, South, East or West--Fourth of July shows uniform vigor and flower color. The climbing canes stretch 12 to 14 feet in length, a great size for walls, pergolas, and trellises. Superb with other Climbers or Clematis in the garden, too. Disease resistant, it provides a consistent presence.

  • Class: Climber
  • Plant Habit: Long canes of 10 to 14 feet
  • Growth Habit: Medium-large for a Climber
  • Plant Height: 43" to 15 feet
  • Plant Width: 26" to 6 feet
  • Foliage Color: Glossy deep green
  • Disease Resistance: Excellent
  • Flower Color: Striking deep velvety red striped with bright white
  • Bud Form:  Long, pointed
  • Flower Size: Large, about 4½ -inch diameter
  • Flower Form: Ruffled, semi-double, in large clusters
  • Petal Count: 10 to 15

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