MYKE Tree and Shrub 3.6 qt.

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MYKE Tree & Shrub 3.6 qt. Item no. 6036201NPBX

Every time you plant or transplant a tree, shrub and hedge. Exceptions: Blueberries and rhododendrons cannot be colonized by the fungus in MYKE TREE & SHRUB. Natural fine granular carrier (perlite and peat), efficient on both broad-leaf trees and evergreens.

MYCORRHIZAE Types: endomycorrhizae and ectomycorrhizae. Growth enhancers. When planting trees and shrubs, spread MYKE at the bottom and on the sides of the hole. For hedges, use 125 ml (1/2 cup) to 250 ml (1 cup) of MYKE for every linear meter (yard), depending on the width of the furrow, 30 cm (1 ft) to 60 cm (2ft) respectively. For best results, be sure that the roots are in contact with MYKE.

Store at room temperature between 2°C - 20°C and keep away from intense heat or freezing. *Results obtained from independent plant growth trials. Individual growth results may vary to a degree. Additional results and details are available.