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Picea pungens 'Colorado Blue' Spruce

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'Colorado Blue' Spruce

Picea pungens

The blue spruce, green spruce, white spruce, Colorado spruce, or Colorado blue spruce, with the Latin name Picea pungens, is a species of spruce tree.

It is native to Canada and the United States and is found in growing zones 1 through 7. Its natural range extends from northern New Mexico through Colorado and Utah to Wyoming and into Alberta and British Columbia, but it has been widely introduced elsewhere and is used as an ornamental tree in many places far beyond its native range.

The blue spruce has blue-green colored needles and is a coniferous tree.

This very popular conifer has a handsome pyramidal form with rigid tiered branches densely covered with stiff gray-blue needles. Use as an evergreen windbreak or tall screen, or as a specimen plant in large landscapes., then this is the ideal plant for that stand-out specimen that will bring character and color to your garden. 

  • Full Sun to Partial
  • Conifer; prized for foliage.
  • Container, Hedge, Mass Planting, Specimen, Topiary, Wildlife Garden
  • Height: 40-60 feet
  • Spacing: 15-20 feet