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Dyed Mulch

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DYED MULCH (2cu ft)

Mountain West Bark Products Dyed Mulch is an all-natural product coming straight from nature. This product is a shredded fir, pine bark and whitewood mulch that provide all the mulching benefits in the landscape industry to beautify road sides, homes and businesses and also used as a natural weed barrier. Dyed Mulch is painted with a water soluble paint that is safe for the environment, children, adults and pets. With these great characteristics Dyed mulch is guaranteed to hold it color for up to 12 months. It is a dense and moisture retaining product that bonds together, mats down and stays in place.

BARK SPECIES: Fir and Pine bark and whitewood

PRODUCT SIZE: ½” – 3” mulch (size may vary)

CHARACTERISTICS: A Painted Fibrous ground- up wood mulch