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Soil Mender Worm Castings

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Soil Mender Worm Castings 

One of the highest quality worm castings available today. Unlike castings made from worms that consume strictly garbage, paper, and other waste products, these are from worms that feast on a banquet of five manures, peanut hulls, oak leaves, humate, and more. This creates an excellent casting.

Soil Mender Worm Castings are great for potting, planting, and general soil enhancement.

This product will not burn or harm your plants. All-natural source of organic matter with nutrients and moisture-holding capabilities Improves soil structure and increases fertility

An effective addition to any natural program Potted Plants-New Use 1 part worm castings to 3 parts soil.

Potted Plants-Established Add 1” to 2” of worm castings to top of soil; mix, water, repeat every 2 – 3 months.

Roses, Trees, Shrubs, & Berries  New or Transplanted Mix 1 part worm castings to 2 parts soil, surround hole with mixture. Spread roots over a mound of the mix and cover.

Roses- Established Mix 4 cups worm castings into soil over root zone of plant. Perennials Work 1/2 cup into the soil above the root zone. Apply in spring, early summer, and fall.

Vegetables & Annual Flowers Line holes & seed furrows with 1” to 2” of worm castings, set seeds or plants in place, cover with soil. Side dress during growing season at a rate of 1/2 cup per linear foot of row once every 2 months.

Casting Tea Soak 1 part worm castings in 3 parts water for 12-24 hours. Mix and water as usual. Worm casting Tea is excellent for fruiting, flowering, and difficult to access plants.