Syndicate 4.25X9.5inch Tapered Brown Planter 7911-04-902

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SSI 4.25x9.5" Taper Planter Brown Urban Earth is the 'it' look that will appeal to all generations of DIY decorators and casual gardeners. Each piece includes a drainage tray ensuring proper conditions for healthy plants. Great for use with any floral arrangement or as a centerpiece. Durable concrete-based material with a weathered outdoor look. This is a Natural Weathered Cement Planter that includes Drainage Hole & Tray, Perfect For Direct Planting, Tapered Rectangle. Suitable for indoor use. 

  • 4.25" x 9.5"
  • Naturally weathered for a rustic look
  • Perfect planter to start growing the plants of your dreams
  • Slate-colored planter