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Syringa Bloomerang® Dwarf Purple Lilac

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Bloomerang® Dwarf Purple Lilac


Welcome Lilacs to the border! Just about 1/3 the size of a typical Lilac, purple flowers cover the plant in late spring then reappear intermittently throughout summer and fall. Plant under a window and enjoy its alluring fragrance on a gentle breeze.

Syringa are classic multi-stemmed, deciduous shrubs. Long-lived and easy to grow, Lilacs are more cold tolerant than they are heat tolerant. A versatile shrub, Syringa Bloomerang® Dwarf Purple is perfect lining a walkway or plant several for a low hedge.

Lilacs are long-lived and easy to grow. Very large flower clusters cover this deciduous shrub in spring. Unforgettable fragrance perfumes the garden. Lilacs need full sun - no fewer than 6 hours a day and well-drained soil especially for winter. If pruning is desired, do so immediately after blooming. Blooms on old wood.

  • Light: Full Sun
  • Water: Average
  • Height: 30-36 inches
  • Space: 30-36 inches