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Watermelon Moon and Stars Yellow

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Watermelon, Yellow Moon and Stars

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Citrullus lanatus

This is one of the sweetest watermelons, with dense, orange-yellow flesh encased within a distinctive dark rind spotted with yellow “moon and stars” splotches. Large oval fruits grow to 25-40 lbs.

While the Moon and Stars watermelon can vary in size depending upon variety, it is typically a very heavy watermelon, in some cases weighing up to 50 pounds. The round to oblong fruits are dark green and speckled with an array of various sized yellow blotches giving the illusion of a night sky. The flesh, which can be red, pink-red or yellow, depending on the variety, is somewhat less dense than standard watermelons and is dotted with large brown seeds. The Moon and Stars watermelon is considerably juicy and intensely sweet with the red flesh varieties offering the highest sugar levels.