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WR Doris Day

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Inspired by big screen and singing legend, 'America's Sweetheart' Doris Day, this lovely yellow-colored rose beautifully personifies this joyful, charming and amazingly talented icon. When Doris sang “Que Sera Sera”, she did not know that ‘Whatever Will Be’ in her future included a unique Doris Day rose. What makes this rose special is it originated from the same cross that produced the varieties Sparkle & Shine™ and Jump for Joy™. So the three roses are sisters! That’s a very rare event in the rose world. The sisters are different but they share the super-floriferous attributes. Doris Day’s blooms are full of sunshine and will sweeten up your garden with their fruity and sweet spice aroma. The old-fashioned blooms are produced in beautiful rounded clusters on vigorous stems. You get to enjoy the gold yellow coloration until the petals drop.