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Rosa Shrub Home Run® Red Rose

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Rosa Shrub Home Run® Red Rose 

Home Run is a nice bright red-blooming rosebush that was bred by none other than Mr. Tom Carruth, whose name is associated with many AARS (All-American Rose Selection) Award Winning roses. When Mr. Carruth saw Knock Out on the West Coast, he felt there was room for improvement. He felt the red color of the blooms could be brighter and that the disease resistance of Knockouts could be improved upon (like with powdery mildew and black spot issues). So the research team at Weeks Roses took Knock Out and brought in the Baby Love rosebush bloodline.

This flame-red offspring of the famous Knock Out kicks the competition up a notch when it comes to disease resistance. Home Run has a phenomenal fortitude against the dreaded black spot (like its father). But, unlike Dad, it is also completely resistant to powdery mildew & has a higher level of tolerance to downy as well. Rounded, bushy, fast-to-flower and nearly always in color. A grand slam in both the landscape and a container. Coast to coast…it's the cleanest. Deepest red in cool temps.

  • Class: Shrub
  • Plant Habit: Medium, height and width
  • Growth Habit: Very rounded, full & bushy
  • Plant Height: 28 to 35 inches
  • Stem Length: Medium-short
  • Foliage Color: Deep green
  • Disease Resistance: Excellent
  • Flower Color: Bright velvety red
  • Bud Form:  Very long & pointed
  • Flower Size: Medium, around 3 inches in diameter
  • Flower Form: Single, in large clusters
  • Petal Count: 5

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