Bonide 46190 Revenge® 10inch Fly Stick

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Bonide 46190 Revenge® 10inch Fly Stick

Our unique design of this well-established product allows for 30% more catch area than traditional rigid cylinders. It also offers a multitude of merchandising options, from clip strips and peg hooks, to floor, shelf or countertop displays. Our world class, clean touch glue out lures and out catches the competition by up to 200:1!

Economical 2 packs make these the best value on the market.

Also great for whitefly control/monitoring in greenhouses and gardens. 

Directions For Use:

Remove Fly Stick from package. Versatile - Remove and discard the protective paper form both the front and the back surface for maximum catch area or leave one side covered for extended life, or to use against windows.

Place the provided twist-tie throught the hole in the top of the Fly Stick, and hang near window or anywhere flies and insects are most bothersome.

After Fly Stick is about 90% full of flies and insects, wrap in paper or plastic bag and dispose in trash receptacle.

Bright yellow coloring also attracts and traps whiteflies. Set traps out in greenhouse or gardens to monitor and/or control whitefly problems.

Use suggestions: Homes, attics, garages, porches, barns. stables, kennels, paddocks, gardens, greenhouses, ...

Attracts and traps flying insects such as horse flies, house flies, deer flies, face flies, cluster flies, horn flies, stable flies, biting flies, whiteflies, sciarid flies, ...

Note: If glue gets on hands or clothing, easily remove with vegetable oil.


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