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Lewis Lifetime Tools Roto Driller

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Lewis Lifetime Tools Roto Driller

LEWIS TOOLS Roto Driller 9" X 1.75" Diameter

Garden Auger  Roto Driller: 9" Garden Digging Auger Drill Bit


Product Description


The Lewis Lifetime Tool's Roto Driller Garden Auger works for you. Just attach to any codless drill 3/8 inch or larger, it digs holes up to 7 inches deep x 1 3/4 inches wide with the ease of a power tool. The Roto Driller Garden Auger is unsurpassed for planting bulbs, bedding plants and seedlings and deep watering, aerating and fertilizing trees and shrubs. Save time and energy with the Lewis Lifetime Tool's garden augers. Solid steel construction for durability and relieability.



  • Digs holes up to 7 inches deep and 1 1/4 inches wide
  • It digs for you! Just insert into any 3/8 inch or larger electric or cordless drill
  • Great tool for dozens of garden applications including planting and fertilizing
  • Steel; 9 inches long and 1 1/4 inches wide, weighs .5 lb.


Operating Instructions: 

  • Insert Roto Driller into drill with pointed tip away from drill. Tighten drill chuck securely.
  • Hold the drill firmly with both hands. Place the drill tip of the Roto Driller straight down into ground where you wish to dig. 
  • Start drill slowly. Do not push to hard. Medium speed is adequate to operate the Roto Driller. Alllow Roto Driller to drill its own hole.
  • Dig down 2" - 3" then slowly pull out, allowing dirt to spin off.
  • Repeat until desired depth is reached. Works best in damp soil


Caution: If you hit a rock, root or other object, you will have to relocate the hole. Roto Driller is not designed to dig through hard materials.