Prairie Blossom Nursery's Soil Recipe

Prairie Blossom Nursery's Soil Recipe

Behind every successful gardener is the knowledge that it all starts with the soil.  Whether you're growing in ground, raised beds or containers it's all about the soil.  Two characteristics of soil are texture and fertility.  With our soil recipe below the goal is to improve both.
TEXTURE:  Adding Cotton burr and gypsum to your gardens soil will improve the texture, loosening up the mostly clay based soil we enjoy here in Butler County.  The cotton burr, an organic compost holds moisture and creates space allowing oxygen to reach the roots.  The added sulphur lowers the PH of the soil, as most PH tests in our general area are in the mid seven range, the sulphur helps get us closer to neutral (7) or lower.  
FERTILITY:  Even though the decomposing cotton burr will add nutrients and microbes to the soil, additional sources of nutrient are needed for a truly bountiful harvest.  Bone Meal is a natural source of phosphorus, essential for healthy root growth and development of the flower, when pollenated gives us the fruit we are working for.  The Gardeners Special fertilizer adds a balance blend of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash all needed in the growth of a healthy plant.  With 6% slow release coated granules the feeding period is extended.

Prairie Blossom Nursery's Soil Recipe 

Recipe covers 100 square feet.

Evenly spread the 3 bags of cotton burr across the 100 square foot area of your garden.

Mix the Bone Meal, Gypsum, and Start-n-Grow Fertilizer together then spread evenly over the 100 square foot area.

Finally till into existing soil.

Repeat as needed for each 100 square foot area of your garden.