Achia SFR- Bracket Pot Ring Wall

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Achla_Pot Ring Wall Bracket

  • HOLDER FOR RIMMED FLOWER POTS: Whether you’re a fan of orchids, petunias, marigolds, or geraniums, these wrought iron Flower Pot Rings are ideal for holding flowers and plants and taking advantage of vertical gardening space. These sturdy wall-mounted brackets can hold a variety of containers. The 4-inch Flowerpot Ring has an interior diameter of 4 1/4-in.
  • DECORATE: Adding plants to your home’s indoor or outdoor space with flower pot brackets doesn’t need to be complicated. Simply find a wall, fence post, or flat surface that is stable enough to hold the metal bracket and install with the included hardware. Create an array of containers with this functional style that can fit in with vintage, antique or farmhouse, contemporary or modern decor.
  • CORROSION RESISTANT: The Achla Designs Flower Pot Rings are finished with a powdercoated material that is more resilient than liquid paint. The wrought iron is sealed with a dry powder that is applied electrostatically, leaving a hard finish that won’t chip or corrode easily and will last more than just one season.
  • MOUNT EASILY with HARDWARE INCLUDED: We include stainless steel hardware suitable to hang brackets on wood walls or posts. For masonry or other materials, appropriate fasteners are recommended.