Achia TSH- Bracket Curved Up

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Achla_Curved Up Bracket_18

  • FOR INDOOR and OUTDOOR USE: This decorative upcurled bracket hook is ideal for hanging your favorite indoor and outdoor decorations. It measures 14" from the wall, making it suitable for a larger lantern, hanging bird bath, bird feeder, or flower basket or planter. Attach to any flat wall, garden, porch or deck post.
  • EASILY INSTALLED: Adding style and functionality to your outdoor or indoor space with an iron plant hanger hook doesn’t need to be complicated. Simply find a flat surface on which the wrought iron hook can be mounted and hang whatever you desire. These incredibly functional hooks are sure to remain sturdy if installed on a surface that provides it with enough support with proper hardware. This bracket features an additional supporting cross piece. Stainless steel mounting screws are provided, bu
  • HANDMADE WROUGHT IRON: Our 18" Upcurled Bracket is forged from square stock for increased strength and rigidity, with the addition of a cross-bar for extra support. The Square hammered look has a Craftsman style that fits with a vintage, rustic, or artisan decorative style. Actual dimensions are 14"L x 18"H x 3"W, but because every metal wall hook that we create is handmade, the dimensions may vary slightly.
  • CORROSION RESISTANT: Achla Designs wrought iron brackets are finished for weather resistance with a material that is more resilient than liquid paint. The iron is sealed with a powder coating that is applied electrostatically, leaving a matte Black hard finish that won’t chip or corrode as easily as paint. Enjoy the functional beauty for years.