Achia TSH- Bracket Angled Curved Up

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Achla_Angled Curved Up Bracket

  • For all outdoor/indoor ornaments: This decorative upcurled bracket hook is ideal for hanging your favorite indoor and outdoor decorations. It measures 12 inches in length making it suitable for a lantern, wind chime, bird feeder, flower basket or planter. Attach to a smooth, flat surface with the stainless-steel screws provided.
  • Easily installed: adding style and functionality to your Outdoor or indoor space with an iron plant hanger hook Doesn’t need to be complicated. Simply find a flat surface on which the wrought iron hook can be mounted and hang whatever you desire. These incredibly functional hooks are sure to remain sturdy if installed on a surface that provides it with enough support with proper hardware.
  • Handmade wrought iron: Our angled upcurled hook is forged from square stock for increased strength and rigidity. The square Hammered look has a craftsman style that fits with a vintage, rustic, or artisan decorative style. Because every Metal wall hook that we create is handmade, the dimensions may vary slightly from Product to product. However, the dimensions will typically Follow the 12" Standard as closely as possible.
  • Corrosion resistant: Achla Designs angle bracket hooks are finished in for weather resistance with a material that is more resilient than liquid paint. The iron is sealed with a dry powder that is applied electrostatically, leaving a matte Black hard finish that won't chip or corrode as easily as your average paints do. This allows you to enjoy the convenience and attractiveness of your upcurled bracket well into the future.