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Actaea Chocoholic PBR (Black SnakeRoot)

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'Chocoholic' (Black Snakeroot)

Actaea 'Chocoholic' PBR

Formerly Cimicifuga. Beautiful plants for mid summer through late fall. The creamy to white bottle brush-like flowers are fragrant and repel insects (all are fragrant, except Actaea racemosa var. cordifolia). After flowering attractive lime green seed pods are formed. Plants prefer a moist and rich soil
Grown for their spectacular lush foliage. Bronze-purple glossy foliage and stems. Charming creamy and fragrant white bottlebrush-like flowers blushed pink. flowers can be quite unremarkable, the rising spears of Chocoholic are simply stunning, with clustered racemes of dainty white flowers formed in midsummer. Luxurious dark chocolate brown-purple foliage is contrasted with beautiful white fragrant flower spikes that appear in late summer or early autumn and last for weeks.
Deer Resistant, Fragrant, Pollinator
  • Light: Shade
  • Fragrant light pink bottlebrush flowers
  • Blooms late summer
  • Glossy dark purple-brown foliage
  • Height: 50-60 inches
  • Space: 36 inches