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Alocasia Borneo Giant (Elephant Ears)

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Alocasia Borneo Giant (Elephant Ears)

The Alocasia Borneo Giant is stunning tropical foliage that is sure to stand out in your garden! Elephant ears, an alternate name used to describe the borneo giant,  is an upright, easy-to-grow plant. The Borneo Giant features gorgeous glossy, giant leafs. This plant is excellent in mixed plantings or as an individual specimen, it will surely be a focal point! Elephant Ears have taller, upward-facing foliage. The giant green leaves make a statement; works well next to a pond or stream. Extremely easy to grow and ideal for containers.

The Alocasia Borneo Giant likes water, so make sure to keep its soil moist (not oversaturated). This is a tropical plant so be aware of your zone, as you may need to bring this plant inside during winter months.

  •  Tropical foliage plant
  •  Easy to grow
  •  Can use as a specimen plant
  • Light: Partial Sun / Afternoon Shade
  • Soil: Medium
  • Height: 7-10 feet
  • Spacing: 7-10 feet