Evergreen_ Americana Glow in the Dark Spinner

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Glow in the Dark Americana Spinner

Add dimensional movement to any outdoor space and harness the power of the wind with this Americana Glow in the Dark Wind Spinner. Vibrant multi-colored "Red, White, Blue" panels come to life with every passing breeze. The striking kinetic is made of powder-coated metal with a weather- and rust-resistant finish to prevent fading. Once the stake is put together, installing the kinetic is easiest in moist soil or grass. Push the bottom prongs into the soil until they are completely covered - no tools are necessary.

  • Crafted of weather-treated iron.
  • Outdoor safe and fade-resistant.
  • 22mm pole with screw.
  • Sturdy pronged stake.
  • No optimal positioning for best results.
  • Measures 7.7"W x 69.7"H x 24"D