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Anaheim Pepper

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Great for Nachos and Pickled Peppers! Mildly hot.

The most versatile of hot peppers. Produces an abundant crop of pungent hot green (3-4 inch long) peppers that ripen to red. Use in almost all Mexican cooking: salsas, dips, nachos, pickled or fresh. Also called a New Mexico or California chile, this is a green, chile-type, mildly hot pepper that ripens to a pretty deep red. The thick-walled fruit is the classic pepper used for chiles Rellenos, soups, and stews. Rich, mellow flavor. Plants are disease resistant. Plants bear continuously through summer where night-time temperatures aren’t higher than 90 degrees. 

Wash fruits, vegetables, and herbs thoroughly before eating.

CAUTION: Use rubber gloves, or clean the hot peppers under running water to avoid skin burn from the pepper juice.

  • Height: 14-18" tall
  • Plant Spacing: 24" apart
  • Maturity: 65 days