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Ancient Graffiti Watering Can Rain Chain

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Watering Can Mobile or Mini-rain chain ornament by Ancient Graffiti

This Watering Can Ornament can be just about anything you want. Hang it under your downspout for a mini-rain chain (it's 48 inches long, including hook). Or just hang it from a tree or near your window to sway in the breeze and glisten in the sunshine.

Lovely antique look finish on the steel metal in tones of bronze, gold and brown (the official color is called "Flamed" because it has the variegated hues you get from flamed steel).
Each little watering can is about 5" wide by 2.5" tall and there are ten of them on this adorable chain mobile. The interesting chain links are each approximately 2 inches long.
A great gift for anyone, especially a gardener.

72" Watering Can Rain Chain