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AU_F296_Floral Natural Rust/ Turquoise Arrangement

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Floral Pottery Bowl w/eucalyptus.

Always Unique is a family run business with warehouse locations in Austin and Whitehouse TX. Our continued focus on product quality and customer service has allowed us to operate for over 25 years as a successful small business. We enjoy taking customer feedback and creating new industry trends in order to keep ahead of the everchanging and exciting world of home decor. Always Unique is proud of our manufacturing roots and still today manufactures most of the products on this site right here in Texas. To expand our product selection we also strive to source interesting products from all parts of the world. Our focus is on home accessory items, small furniture, and modern western décor. Please visit our Contact | Always Unique Interiors if you have further questions about our offerings. Floral Arrangement F296 Pottery Bowl with dry wheat eucalyptus dried.

Dimensions:     in. ×    in. ×    in.