Bloem_ Lucca Series Planters

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Bloem Lucca Series Planter

Self-watering planter with a redesigned saucer and self-watering feature. The fill spot is more subtle than traditional self-watering planters, giving the flower pot a sleeker appearance.

Made in the USA out of recyclable plastic.

Colors: #00 Black, #45 Chocolate, #8 Charcoal, Exotica, #42 Living Green, #83 Pebblestone, Peppercorn, Taupe, #46 Terra Cotta 

6inch - RCLP06 - 6.67in Diam x 3.25in H 

8inch - RCLP08 - 8.75in Diam x 7in H 

10inch - RCLP10 - 11in Diam x 8.8in H 

12inch - RCLP12 - 13.25in Diam x 10.15in H 

14inch - RCLP14 - 15.23in Diam x 12.38in H