Bloem_ Terra Series Plant Saucer

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Bloem_ Terra Series Plant Saucer 

TERRA COLLECTION by Bloem: The Bloem Terra round plant saucer tray protects surfaces from water damage. Use a Bloem saucer to keep plants healthy and hydrated. Made with plastic, this plant saucer enables long-lasting use. Heavy-duty plant saucers will not leak and are perfect for indoor and outdoor applications.

Made with an extra thick base which sits flat on the ground to provide ideal support and drainage for your plants. Saucers work with a variety of containers, including ceramic, terra-cotta, fabric pots, and more. The Terra saucer is circular in shape and is compatible with most planters. From the Terra collection, this saucer is an ideal indoor and outdoor planter accessory. Traditional deep design, lightweight and durable.

Rugged polyethylene won't chip, crack, fade or leak like thin plastic or vinyl saucers. The ribbed bottom provides critical airflow for healthy root aeration. Thick resin construction with anti-fade UV protection offers durability that withstands the elements. 


8” B80-51408 Terra Living Green Saucer 1.4 x 7.4

10" B80-51410 Terra Living Green Saucer 1.7 x 9.2


8” STT08-83 Terra Pebble Stone Saucer 1.4 x 7.4

10" STT10-83 Terra Pebble Stone Saucer 1.7 x 9.2


8” STT08-908 Terra Charcoal Saucer 1.4 x 7.4

10" STT10-908 Terra Charcoal Saucer 1.7 x 9.2


8” 51008-C Terra Terra Cotta Saucer 1.4 x 7.4

10" 51010C Terra Terra Cotta Saucer 1.7 x 9.2

14" 61014C Terra Terra Cotta Saucer 

16" 61016C Terra Terra Cotta Saucer 

20" 61020C Terra Terra Cotta Saucer