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Borago Officinalis

Also known as, 'Bee Bread,' young leaves used in salads and lemonade.

Borago officinalis, commonly known as borage or starflower, is one of a host of herbs with origins in the Mediterranean region. Fragrant. With it's blue, star-shaped flowers, borage makes a lovely ornamental. Considered to be a great companion plant for vegetable gardens and orchards. Its young leaves have a refreshing, mild cucumber-like fragrance and traditionally been used as garnishes in salads, teas, and lemonade. The flowers are excellent for cutting and have a long vase-life. Attracts Bees, & Butterflies. 

Culinary or medicinal herb. Fresh borage has a cucumber taste and has historically been used for its many medicinal properties.

  • Full Sun and Partial Sun
  • Bloom time: Summer
  • Height: 24 inches
  • Spacing: 12 inches