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Cactus_Mimicry Plant Faucaria tigrina Tiger Jaws

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Faucaria tigrina "Tiger Jaws"

Tiger Jaws Mimicry Plant  Faucaria tigrina


Observe the Faucaria tigrina, also known as tiger jaws, with your ear and you may hear a subtle roar. This plant, originating from South Africa, grows in compact rosettes consisting of thick, triangular and grayish-green leaves with numerous soft, translucent teeth along the margins. Its large, silky yellow flowers bloom in the afternoon during the autumn months and close every evening at dusk. Part of the Aizoaceae family, which includes various forms of plants like ice plants and mimicry plants, this species is not as particular about its watering needs as its mimicry relatives. Perfect for being displayed in a windowsill, patio or border, as long as it receives some shade in the afternoon.

Protect from frost. 

Provide bright light/sun; 

Water thoroughly when soil is dry. 

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