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Cactus MC 'Monstrose' Cereus peruvianus

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Cactus MC 'Monstrose' Cereus peruvianus

Cactus 'Monstrose' Cereus peruvianus

Cereus peruvianus 'Monstrose' is popular as a landscaping plant with bluish - gray stems that has sculpturally fascination knobby rippled ribs and protuberances. Can grow to 15 feet in height with stems to 6" in diameter Native to South America

Can be used as a patio planter in warmer temperate times.

Protect from frost. Porous soil with adequate drainage.

Provide bright light/sun; hardy to 32F; ' + tall.

Water thoroughly when soil is dry.

DeVroomen: 873112 Monster Cactus Collection (092852000161)