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Cactus_Notocactus roseoluteus

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Notocactus roseoluteus

Comes from a small area in northern Uruguay, near the border with Brazil. It is a deep green solitary globular plant, reaching a diameter of about 7 inches, with 15 to 20 vertical ridges running down its sides. Atop each ridge, or “rib”, are tufts of short stiff brown spines at short intervals. 


This species of cactus has multiple flowering periods throughout its blooming season, with the first period being the most vibrant. While each flower only lasts for a short time, a mature plant can produce many flowers each year. The flowers are approximately 3 inches (8 cm) in diameter, with pink petals that fade to yellow at the base. In the center, there is a cluster of bright yellow stamens that contain pollen, surrounding a pink stigma. After the flowers, small fruits develop and are filled with numerous small black seeds. This species is easy to cultivate and can endure temperatures as low as 25° F (-4° C). As it is self-fertile, having two plants is not necessary to obtain viable seeds.