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Cactus_Polaskia Chichipe

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Polaskia Chichipe

Polaskia Chichipe is a type of columnar cactus that is part of the Cactaceae botanical family. With a mature height of up to 5 m, this plant forms clumps and has a tree-like appearance with a short trunk and several branches at the top. Its stem is erect and quadrangular, adorned with 9-12 ribs and a pale green color. The ribs are lined with whitish and wooly areoles, each bearing 6-7 stout and greyish spines. In late spring and early summer, the cactus produces small diurnal yellowish green flowers that eventually develop into spherical red berries. Considered an easy-to-grow plant, it prefers full light sun exposure but should be protected from direct sunlight during the hottest periods. However, it is important to note that this plant cannot withstand temperatures below 6°C and should be kept indoors during the coldest periods.