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Calathea-Insignis Lancifolia_Rattlesnack Plant

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Calathea-Insignis Lancifolia_Rattlesnake Plant


The Rattlesnake Plant is a herbaceous perennial evergreen, native to Brazilian rainforests, with striking foliage and showy yellow flowers. Because it is a tropical plant and not frost hardy, it is typically grown as an indoor houseplant in most North American sites. The leaves, in particular, provide winter interest with wavy margins, purple undersides, and an alternating pattern of small and large green ellipses. The plant form is fountain-like with a spreading habit. 

Plants typically grow to 1 1/2 feet tall indoors, but can rise to 2 1/2 feet tall outdoors. The markings on each leaf resemble the markings found on some rattlesnakes, hence the common name for this plant.   Also known as the Prayer Plant