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Carpobrotus edulis 'Highway' Annual Ice Plant

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Carpobrotus edulis 'Highway' Ice Plant 

Succulent houseplants are popular plants for window sills, brighten desks and other indoor spaces where you can show them off.

As houseplants, succulents thrive in just about any container, so look for the perfect pot to play off the plant's fun colors or interesting textures.

Highway Iceplant is a succulent ground-cover with three-sided leaves that often form deep mats, covering large areas.


A long-lived, mat-forming, creeping plant that has spreads 12" or longer.

Stems grow on or just below the surface and produce roots at their joints. The fleshy leaves are stalkless and triangular in cross-section. Large and showy 3-inch yellow flowers have numerous 'petals' that are borne singly.

  • Light: Full Sun
  • Water: Very Light (dry to touch) 
  • Soil: Porous soil with adequate drainage
  • Fertilize: As Needed
  • Habit: Spreading
  • Foliage: Green
  • Heat Tolerance: Excellent