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Chapin_Spreader 80 lb. (82080)

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The Chapin All Season Professional SureSpread Spreader With Edge Control 80 lb. (82080) is an advanced push/broadcast spreader that is widely known for farm, agriculture, livestock, home and garden, snow and ice removal, turf and landscape industries. It is utilized for granular fertilizer, granular ice-melt, granular pesticides, salt, seed, weed and feed applications. The Chapin All Season SureSpread Professional Spreader features a heavy duty stainless steel frame, acetal gears, edge control, enclosed gear, fully supported hopper, grate or screen, and lever gate control. Other than that, it is built with pneumatic tires, rain cover, salt ready, soil linkage, stainless steel axle and a T-shaped handle with comfort grips. The spreader is very easy to assemble and it gives you a reliable performance over weather damage and unbalanced terrain.