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Composted Soil PEP

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Mountain West Bark Products composted soil pep is an all natural product coming straight from nature. Soil pep is a 3/8 minus screened bark material (bark fines). Soil pep is commonly used as an excellent amendment to give added organic nutrients to improve the soil structure and is used as a main ingredient in container mixes, greenhouse mixes, potting soils, box gardens and any other general soil preparation. Soil pep can also be used as bark mulch or a top dressing for any landscaping needs as well as land reclamation projects.
  • BARK SPECIES: Fir Pine bark
  • PRODUCT SIZE: 0 - 3/8”
  • CHARACTERISTICS: 3/8 minus screened bark (soil pep, bark fines)

Planting Trees and Shrubs

1. Dig hole for shrubs larger than container shrub is in

2. Use excavated soil and mix equal parts of Soil Pep with soil

3. Fill hole with soil mix 3/4 full if for bare root

4. Spread roots over mound and fill hole up to bud union

5. For container grown plants, remove container. Set plant in hole with 1/3 of soil mix in bottom of hole. Fill in around plant with soil mix. Create water basin around shrub.

6. Balled Burlap stock, repeat the above instructions, but leave burlap on.