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Crassula ovata 'Jade' Large Pots

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Crassula ovata 'Jade'

Succulent houseplants are popular plants for window sills, brighten desks and other indoor spaces where you can show them off. Great for weddings! Protect from frost.


Never let your Crassula sit in water! Excellent house plant. Reaching 3-8ft in height and 2-3ft wide.

Overwatering is sure to be fatal, so err on the side of too dry rather than too wet. If you water from beneath by letting the plant sit in a saucer of water, make sure to pour off any excess water after a few minutes.

Succulents are FAR more likely to survive under-watering than over-watering. The thick fleshy leaves will appear wilted and a bit “under-full” when they need water.

Perfect as a houseplant.

  • Light: Full Sun
  • Water: Very Light (dry to touch) 
  • Soil: Porous soil with adequate drainage
  • Fertilize: As Needed - Diluted
  • Habit: Upright
  • Foliage: Green
  • Heat Tolerance: Excellent