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Cucumber 'Suyo Long'

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Cucumber 'Suyo Long'

Cucumber (Heirloom)
Highly ribbed oriental! This Chinese variety produces ribbed, dark green skin with heavy white spines. 

An heirloom, delicious, burp-less, not bitter, almost seedless flesh. Fruits grow to 15” long, thin, crisp and tender-exceptionally hardy, productive and fine-flavored even under adverse conditions. Trellis these to get straight fruits or leave on the ground for curved shaped fruits. 

Fruits are spiny when young, and become smoother at peak maturity. Fruits tend to curl on one end. Widely adapted, heat tolerant and sets early and often.

  • Fruit size: 10-18”
  • Spacing: **8-12"**
  • Days to Maturity: **60-70 Days**