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Echeveria purpusoium

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Echeveria Purpusoium


Echeveria purpusorum is a slow-growing plant with a tight rosette of intricately detailed leaves that vary in color depending on factors like sunlight and temperature. The leaves feature reddish-brown spots, giving them a reptilian-like appearance. Red-orange flowers emerge from tall stems, making this plant a great addition to windowsills or rock gardens. Despite its uniqueness, Echeveria purpusorum does not have a common name. Any suggestions?

Do not over water. A light misting of water with a spray bottle once or twice a week is adequate for most succulents.

Our succulents are potted in Various sizes:

  • 2.5 x 2.5 inch square pot
  • 4.5 inch circular pot
  • 6.5 inch circular pot
  • #1 gallon pot