Fertilome Consan 20 (16 oz)

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Ferti-Lome Consan 20

Algaecide-Fungicide-Disinfectant For use on ornamental plants, grasses, and trees.

Plant Diseases Controlled:

Ornamental Plants and Lawns: Fairy Ring, Toadstools, Pythium and many more listed on the label.

Application: Concentrated, multi-function indoor/outdoor product that is water-soluble, biodegradable and kills pathogens on contact.

For use indoors on hard surfaces such as work areas, floors, and greenhouses.

Use outdoors on certain ornamental plants, trees, and turfgrasses that are listed on the label as well as hard surfaces such as benches, walkways, cutting tools, flower pots, and other hard inanimate objects. 

Ferti-Lome Consan 20 is a versatile disinfectant product that also functions as a fungicide and algaecide.


Corrosive. Causes irreversible eye damage and skin irritation. Do not get in eyes, on skin or clothing. Wear protective eyewear (goggles or face shield), rubber gloves, and protective clothing. Avoid breathing spray mists. Wash hands before eating, drinking, chewing gum, or using tobacco. Remove and wash clothing before reuse.

Consan 20 Label 

Consan 20 SDS

Consan 20 Supplemental Document