Prairie Blossom

Geranium pelargonim Calliope® Series

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Geranium pelargonim Calliope® Series

An outstanding performer and super beauty!

Produces great big blooms all summer long. Plants with semi-double, dark-red, velvet blooms, bright-green ivy foliage, and trailing habit, infuse window boxes, hanging baskets and flower pots with outsize floral pizzazz. Deadheading ensures a steady stream of luscious blooms from late spring into autumn. Resilient variety quickly rebounds from summer downpours. Happily immune to heat, humidity, and drought. This break-through plant is a cross between a zonal geranium and an ivy geranium, representing the best features of both.

  • Light: Sun
  • Water: Average
  • Role: Filler
  • Fertilizer: Every two weeks
  • Height: 14-16 inches
  • Spacing: 16 inches