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Graptosedum 'Darley Sunshine'

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Graptosedum 'Darley Sunshine'

Succulent houseplants are popular plants for window sills, brighten desks and other indoor spaces where you can show them off. Protect from frost.


Graptosedum Darley Sunshine Succulent has thick green leaves with red tips that whirl around into a rosette. This is an ideal choice for low, wide succulent color bowls to contrast with brighter leaf plants. It's perfect for rock gardens where the climate and exposure are just right. Grow in a solarium in the winter for beautiful soft forms. All succulents demand very well-drained porous soils with plenty of sharp sand. Water scantly in winter/often in the summer for fast growth.

  • Light: Full Sun
  • Water: Very Light (dry to touch) 
  • Soil: Porous soil with adequate drainage
  • Fertilize: As Needed
  • Habit: Mounding
  • Foliage: Light green
  • Heat Tolerance: Excellent