Hi-Yield® Fast Acting Lime (4 lb.)

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Hi-Yield Fast-Acting Lime (4 lb.)

Fast-Acting Lime helps increase the pH of acid soils, while also creating a proper soil environment.

Fast-Acting Lime will help green up the turf by boosting the effectiveness of fertilizer, increase the availability of nutrients, reduce weeds and moss, increase seed establishment.

Use on the lawn, vegetable garden, flower garden, and ornamental beds.  Apply any time of year.

Fast-Acting Lime is powered by AST®, Advanced Soil Technology, which is what makes it different from conventional lime products. AST® is what allows the quick release, but it also helps it stay in the root zone of the plant, NOT leaching out like conventional lime or lime products with PHCA.

AST® benefits the soil; reduces erosion by bonding soil particles, increases water infiltration and retention.

AST® increases plant health, maintains seed placement, increases seed germination rate and seed establishment, improves yields, promotes plant growth and root growth.

Benefits the environment by reducing nutrient runoff.

Get The Dirt On Healthy Soil– Read More About Fast Acting Lime

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