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JRM_ Soil Moist Transplant Plus

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JRM® Soil Moist™ Transplant Plus 

The pros know: Soil Moist is the name landscapers trust for quality mycorrhizal products. Soil Moist Transplant Formula, Flower & Garden Plus, and Container Mix Plus contain the professionals’ natural secret – mycorrhiza – which significantly improves the root system’s ability to absorb water and nutrients.

The results: faster, stronger plant establishment and growth! It reduces transplant stress and plant loss, while decreasing your replacement costs – a direct benefit to your bottom line. 

The Soil Moist advantage:

• Increases plant establishment

• Reduces frequency of plant waterings

• Reduces transplant stress and plant loss

• Improves soil and plant ecosystem

• Bolsters plant nutrient and water uptake

• Enhances microbial and plant growth

• Safe, natural and eco-friendly – the green choice!

• Eliminates guesswork: easy-to-follow directions are right on the label

• Cost efficient

• Versatile application: For use in all habitats

Most planting sites lack the beneficial fungi and bacteria that new trees, plants and shrubs need due to tillage, home construction, site preparation and the removal of top soils. These activities reduce the mycorrhizal forming potential of soil. Soil Moist Transplant is formulated from several species of beneficial fungi and bacteria to inoculate shrubs, plants and trees during planting time. Soil Moist Transplant’s diverse blend of healthy viable ectomycorrhizal and endomycorrhizal propagules are adapted to a wide range of plants and habitat conditions. The formulation will provide the inoculated area to colonize on the newly planted stock in a wide variety of growing and temperature conditions. Transplant Plus also contains a 3-3-3, 8- 9 month fertilizer.

The mycorrhizal fungi colonize plant roots and extend far into the soil. The fungi improves the ability of the plants to utilize the soil resources. The fungi increase water and nutrient uptake by providing a larger root mass. Soil Moist ™ water storing polymers are included in the formulation to reduce transplant stress and water maintenance while increasing the establishment of newly planted stock. A very beneficial biostimulant formulation is included in Soil Moist Transplant to promote root growth, formulation and enhance microbial and plant growth.