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JRM_ Soil Moist Transplant Tree & Shrub 1 lb Mycorrhiza

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JRM® Soil Moist™ 1 lb Transplant Tree & Shrub Mycorrhiza

The pros know: Soil Moist is the name landscapers trust for quality mycorrhizal products. Soil Moist Transplant Formula, Flower & Garden Plus, and Container Mix Plus contain the professionals’ natural secret – mycorrhiza – which significantly improves the root system’s ability to absorb water and nutrients.

The results: faster, stronger plant establishment and growth! It reduces transplant stress and plant loss, while decreasing your replacement costs – a direct benefit to your bottom line. 

The Soil Moist advantage:

• Increases plant establishment

• Reduces frequency of plant waterings

• Reduces transplant stress and plant loss

• Improves soil and plant ecosystem

• Bolsters plant nutrient and water uptake

• Enhances microbial and plant growth

• Safe, natural and eco-friendly – the green choice!

• Eliminates guesswork: easy-to-follow directions are right on the label

• Cost efficient

• Versatile application: For use in all habitats