MYKE Vegetable and Herb Mycorrhizae 1.8oz

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USE: Achieve superior growth in the most powerful and natural way possible. MYKE VEGETABLE & HERB is the most advanced and efficient biotechnology available to nourish and grow produce effectively in harmony with the environment.

TREATS: 180 ml : Treats up to 6 plants 1 L : Treats up to 32 plants FORMULATION: Natural fine granular carrier (vermiculite and peat) allowing for good seed germination. MYCORRHIZAE Type: endomycorrhizae MYCORRHIZAE BENEFITS: Ensures abundant production Reduces watering needs Enhances rapid growth development

DIRECTIONS OF USE: When sowing seeds in a furrow, use 45 ml (3tbsp) to 125 ml (1/2 cup) of MYKE below the seeds for every linear meter, depending on the width of the furrow. When planting, spread MYKE at the bottom of the hole. For better results, be sure that the roots are in contact with MYKE. Store at room temperature between 2°C - 20°C and keep away from intense heat or freezing. *Results obtained from independent plant growth trials. Individual growth results may vary to a degree. Additional results and details are available.