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Acer Red Maple 'October Glory®'

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Red Maple 'October Glory®'

Acer rubrum 'PNI 0268'

The Brightest Red Fall Foliage Available.

Why October Glory Red Maple Trees? The October Glory Maple is one of the most popular maples for many reasons. An improved cultivar over all other Red Maple Trees, the October Glory boasts a superior red color that's truly dazzling. In fact, it's got some of the brightest red color available despite the fact that it requires minimal attention.

Even better? Its leaves drop later in the autumn season than other trees, so you have more time to enjoy the show. The October Glory's proud display of red foliage shines while other trees are bare. And in the spring, it produces bold red flowers that pop against the backdrop of vibrant green, all growing effortlessly. Hours spent toiling in the garden are a thing of the past - but with the fast-growing October, you'll still have the best landscape on the block.

You get a reliable color that is less dependent on the weather than other maples. Plus, your October Glories will even grow in warmer climates - areas not typically suited for trees that specialize in fall color.

But the best part is that October Glory® Red Maple Tree has been grown and nurtured for the absolute best results. And now, you get a proven performer with more developed branching and a healthier, fuller root system.

  • Light: Full Sun
  • Water: Regularly - weekly, or more often in extreme heat
  • Fertilizer: Once a month
  • Height: 45-50 feet
  • Spacing: 35-40 feet