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Organic Lavender True Heirloom

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Lavender, True-Organic

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Lavendula angustifolia vera. Hardy perennial.

The true English Lavender, treasured for potpourris and aromatherapy. A sun-loving bushy plant featuring fragrant purple flower stems and silvery leaves, True Lavender makes a delightful hedge or border for gardens and pathways. A favorite of bees and butterflies.

Planting & Harvesting

Seed Depth: 1/4″ (6mm)

Plant Space: 18″ (46cm)

Row Space: 24″ (61cm)

Sprouts In: 10-28 days

Plant In full sun. Lavender likes well-drained limey soil. Plants that are kept on the dry side will be smaller but will develop stronger fragrance. Sow anytime in mild climates or mid-spring in cold areas. May be started Indoors six weeks early. Seeds are slow to germinate.

Cut flower stems just as the bottom flowers begin to open. Bundle stems and hang to dry in shade. Note: may not bloom until the second year.