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Papyrus Cyperus 'Cleopatra' Grass

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Grass 'Cleopatra' Dwarf papyrus

Cyperus prolifer

Easy to grow, and well suited for Kansas!

'Cleopatra' is a vigorous, grass-like foliage plant with umbrellas that radiate from the center, basically green fireworks. Plant in the middle of your planters, surrounded by Reds, Orange, Pink and Purple flowers to make a beautiful planter. Totally versatile as it can go in sun or shade, containers, and landscape plantings including water gardens!

  • Light: Full Sun to Partial Sun
  • Water: Medium
  • Role: Filler
  • Fertilize: Once a month
  • Height: 12-18 inches (fireworks)
  • Spacing: 16-20 inches